Retro Pouch Kit


Our retro pouch kit has everything you need to convert your bottle based AT220 into a pouch based lure system. Even better, you can do your own conversion at home or in the bush!

The kit includes

A pouch fully loaded with lure,

A tray for the pouch to lay on,

New pump and tubing,

And a new lid with no bottle hole

If you want to update your trap to the latest system and have all your traps using the same system, this kit is for you!

NZ Autotraps Retro Kit Fitting (

Please note, this upgrade kit only works with our Generation 2 (White Plastic lid) traps. They will not work for our Generation 1 (wooden lid) traps. Get in touch with us if you are not sure.


Care should be taken when installing and servicing these traps. Although the trap default is to deactivate during the day, the trap should be manually triggered/set off and battery removed when handling. At no time should hands be placed inside the trap body

Caution should be taken when placing traps in populated areas.