NZ AutoTraps in the Wild

It's been a long journey to develop an effective trap that can handle tough NZ conditions. Stories like these and encouragement from our customers is what got us through.


Brad from Bay Bush Action in Northland ran the first major trial with the AT220. Here he is with the 17 Possums and 1 Rat that this one trap killed in 7 days.

MT Hiwi Trust, Taranaki

We put out seven x AT220 possum/rat traps in early Jan 2022, and the other five in early Feb 2022.

Setup was focussed on possums as placement of traps is on (or within 30m of) existing DOC200 and/or A24 trap lines.

Data was collected on 6 April which means counts are based on approximately 31 trap months: (7 x 3) + (5 x 2) = 31.

Total kills 126 = 93 possums + 33 rats/other (assumed to be rats but one known to be a mouse)

Average = 3 possums + 1 rat plus / trap / month = 1 kill/trap/week

So the traps are clearly working! Lots of carcasses seen, so there is no question of significant false counts.

Biggest total for a single trap was 18 possums + 3 rats = 21 kills in 88 days.

We have relocated the four traps which had 4 kills or less. The other 8 traps had a minimum of 9 kills each.


-May 2022 update - 

Seven weeks later - total kills now 191 with 131 possums. So
we’ve bought another 10 AT220s!


I live just north of Hamilton on a small block of land. I volunteer trap for DoC at a neighbouring lake. They have let me borrow an AT220 to try out at my own place and I'm very impressed with it!  The set up instructions were very comprehensive and easy to follow.  I've set up a camera next to it to monitor progress. And it's been a bit scary to see how many possums use our place, especially being surrounded mainly by farmland. I think you are onto a real winner here and I've enjoyed the crossover between pest control and technology, it's great to see.


Clear results

The AT220 goes head to head with it's main competitor - and the results speak for themselves:


Brand 'X': Site A: 1 possible catch (counter triggered, no carcass). Site B: 0

The AT220: Site A: 11 Possums + 1 Feral cat. Site B: 14 Possums +1 Rat

The benefits of the self-setting AT220 were also obvious when, over one 20-day period when the  traps were not monitored, 7 possum carcases were found under one AT220 trap and 4 under another. 

The overwhelming conclusion from this exercise is that the AT220 trap is by far the most effective  self-setting trap that is currently available. They effectively drop the carcasses onto the ground and attract further browsing predators.  

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