AT220 All in One-Possum & Rat Pest Trap Kit


Due to overwhelming demand, there is currently an estimated 3-4 weeks before orders can be dispatched. Apologies for this delay.


The AT220 is New Zealand's one and only multi-species, automatically re-setting and re-luring Pest Trap.

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Proven to effectively kill possums, rats and mice which reduces the need for different traps. Minimises bait theft by rats and possums. Minimises trap damage from possums. 

  • Self-reset up to 100 cycles
  • 4-6 months between service (refill lure/re-charge battery)
  • Auto rebaiting pumped fresh nightly means bait is always fresh & present
  • Programmed to be inactive during daylight hours protecting our native species
  • Open cage and sure kill design
  • A 'no-touch' eye beam trigger
  • Specifically designed for New Zealand bush conditions.



  • The AT220 Automatic Trap
  • 1 x rechargeable battery
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 4-6 months of lure
  • The Android phone application (to be installed on your device to access kill counter and other trap data for monitoring purposes)


This Trap is Designed to kill the tough NZ possum in one hit, therefore it packs a punch!

The trap default is to deactivate during the day - however whenever the trap is being handled it should be set to 'Off' and deactivated entirely. Caution should be taken when placing traps in populated areas.

Environment... it all adds up

NZ Autotraps was founded to help solve an environmental crisis - The carnage caused to native biodiversity by introduced predators.

As conservationists we are are weary of our own environmental impacts. We endevour to minimise waste with careful product designing and manufacturing systems.

Our traps are build tough and repairable without any disposable parts. Less trap servicing, results in less vehicle movements and less C02! Extending the reliable time between servicing is our unending quest.

We also use non-toxic lure meaning a humane kill.