AT230 chip check to protect microchipped pets

New orders shipping from August 2024

The AT230 chip check is the AT220 multi species auto resetting and reluring pest trap with an inbuilt microchip reader that helps protect domestic microchipped pets.


A multi-species trap that eliminates the need for different types of traps

Effective trapping of possums and ship rats with a proven by-catch of rats, mice, feral-cats and, mustelids (stoats, ferrets and weasels).

Automatic resetting and reluring increases kill rates

  • Auto-reset for multiple kills (up to 100 resets) with highly effective non-toxic NZAT lure.

  • No-touch eye-beam trigger.

  • Fresh lure is dispensed automatically every night and the lure trail created over time attracts more pests.

Minimised service intervals (4-6 monthly) saves on labour

  • Rechargeable batteries and refillable lure pouch.

  • Local trap monitoring via Android app.

Protects native species and microchipped pets

  • Programmed to be inactive during daylight.

  • Raised installation on a tree or post restricts potential ground-dwelling species interaction.

  • The AT230 chip check is an AT220 that includes a microchip sensor that deactivates the trap when a microchipped pet interacts with the trap - this prevents detonation when domestic pets engage with the trap.

Long life in New Zealand environments

  • Heavy duty and stainless steel construction with interchangeable components.



    Care should be taken when installing and servicing these traps. Although the trap default is to deactivate during the day, the trap should be manually triggered/set off and battery removed when handling. At no time should hands be placed inside the trap body

    Caution should be taken when placing traps in populated areas.