AT520-AI with species selective pest control and remote monitoring

New orders shipping from August 2024

The AT520-AI is the AT220 auto resetting and reluring pest trap that includes an intelligent Yarn Mesh Node AI with remote monitoring. The AT520-AI trap targets specific pests for smarter predator control that protects native species.

NAWAC approved for possums and ship rats with a proven by-catch of other rats, mice, feral cats and, mustelids (stoats, ferrets and weasels).

Minimum order 75 traps for the AT520-AI model.

Intelligent Pest Control:

  • AI-enabled technology with camera for real-time species identification and precision targeting.
  • AI image processing allows Species Selective Arming, protecting native and non-target species.

Environmental Protection:

  • Engages only with target species, ensuring the safety of native and non-target species.

Automated Efficiency:

  • Auto-resetting and fresh lure dispensing for continuous, effective pest control.

Advanced Remote Monitoring with Yarn Mesh:

  • Yarn Mesh wireless sensor mesh technology provides extensive, reliable connectivity across vast and complex landscapes.
  • Real-time updates and comprehensive monitoring through a self-forming, self-healing network.
  • Automated reporting for enhanced landscape management and informed decision-making.

Low Maintenance:

  • Solar-powered design with remote alerts for lure replacement and maintenance.

Durability and Reliability:

  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction, designed for rugged landscapes, with proven performance since 2022.


This Trap is Designed to kill the tough NZ possum in one hit, therefore it packs a punch!

The trap default is to deactivate during the day - however whenever the trap is being handled it should be set to 'Off' and deactivated entirely. Caution should be taken when placing traps in populated areas.