AT520-AI with species selective pest control and remote monitoring

New orders shipping from August 2024

The AT520-AI is the AT220 auto resetting and reluring pest trap that includes an intelligent Yarn Mesh Node AI with remote monitoring. The AT520-AI trap targets specific pests for smarter predator control that protects native species.

NAWAC approved for possums and ship rats with a proven by-catch of other rats, mice, feral cats and, mustelids (stoats, ferrets and weasels).

Minimum order 75 traps for the AT520-AI model.

Intelligent Pest Control:

  • AI-enabled technology with camera for real-time species identification and precision targeting.
  • AI image processing allows Species Selective Arming, protecting native and non-target species.

Environmental Protection:

  • Engages only with target species, ensuring the safety of native and non-target species.

Automated Efficiency:

  • Auto-resetting and fresh lure dispensing for continuous, effective pest control.

Advanced Remote Monitoring with Yarn Mesh:

  • Yarn Mesh wireless sensor mesh technology provides extensive, reliable connectivity across vast and complex landscapes.
  • Real-time updates and comprehensive monitoring through a self-forming, self-healing network.
  • Automated reporting for enhanced landscape management and informed decision-making.

Low Maintenance:

  • Solar-powered design with remote alerts for lure replacement and maintenance.

Durability and Reliability:

  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction, designed for rugged landscapes, with proven performance since 2022.


Care should be taken when installing and servicing these traps. Although the trap default is to deactivate during the day, the trap should be manually triggered/set off and battery removed when handling. At no time should hands be placed inside the trap body

Caution should be taken when placing traps in populated areas.