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From Cape Reinga to Bluff

The AT220 is changing the way we control predators across NZ

Since the first prototype in 2016, over 10,000 traps have been deployed successfully across New Zealand and the Pacific!

Iwi, farms and environmental organisations have used them in projects ranging from urban back yard to extensive back country. The AT220 is in the Predator Free NZ tool box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the AT220 easy to use?

The AT220 has combined a lot of technology into one trap, and it can be a little intimidating! However, using the trap is as simple as:

1. Screwing it to a tree

2. Pouring in the lure

3. Screwing in the battery

4. And pressing a button!

link to set up video.

Is the AT220 Automatic Trap reliable?

It's been a long journey to work out solutions to the many technical challenges of designing a trap that is both highly effective and reliable.  We believe we have now solved the major technical issues and have just two more challenges that still require some investigation and ongoing management.

1. Lure consistency. Lure may pump unevenly over the 6 month period and in some cases cease to pump. This problem is infrequent and may have been solved with recent changes to formula.

2. Blocked eye beam. The trigger is a small laser sensor inside the trap, this can become blocked by a small animal (or part of an animal). The trap will recognise the blockage and in most cases will successfully clear itself.

At NZ AutoTraps we have always been straight up about our problems and worked with our users to find solutions.

Our greatest endorsement is the hard working people who purchased hundreds of our traps right from the outset. They have stuck with us through faults and flaws and continue to support us today.

Thanks to… Baybush Action Opua, Otago Peninsula and Banks Peninsula.

How long do the batteries last before needing replacing?

Our rechargeable batteries are designed to last 6 months or 100 kills.

A USB charger supplied with the trap will recharge the battery over night.

Spare batteries can be purchased and the trap comes supplied with a USB compatible charger.

What are the ingredients in the lure?

The non-toxic lure is basically a high-tech mayonnaise designed to keep its consistency through hot and cold weather for months in the field. Pests absolutely love it! 

Like our batteries, the majority of AT220s in the field will still be functioning after 6 months of operation, 3 monthly checks are advised in areas were pest control is critical.

What about by-catch?

Our native bird by-catch is extremly low due to 3 factors:

Tree mounted eliminating risk to flightless birds.

Daytime deactivation dramatically reducing risk to all diurnal (day active) species this includes almost all flying species of bird.

Mayo Lure Birds and domestic cats are not attracted to our lure.

Does the trap catch Stoats and Mustelids?

We get constant reports of stoat kills but stop short of calling this a stoat trap. Research on specific lures is ongoing and exciting!

What about pets eg. Cats?

We are relieved to say that with 3 years and 12,000 traps throughout the country in urban and rural environments we have caught –0– domestic cats!

However we do get consistent reports of feral cats, We attribute this to a lack of interest in our lure and the AT220's day time deactivation feature.

How far apart do you place the AT220?

This question depends on whether you are protecting your bach from rats and mice or trying to eradicate all invasive pests from a landscape. Here is a report of one such successful project that show rats can be eradicated with roughly one AT220 per hectare (100x100 metres)

link coming soon

What's the rope/cord hanging off the trap?

This is the “Rat ladder”. You don't need to tie it to anything. It's designed to hang down to help/encourage rats to climb into the trap. Ideally it will become covered in liquid lure and just reach the top of the ramp.

What's the ramp for?

The ramp is simply a short length of timber or sturdy stick, fixed below the trap on a steep angle and has two functions.

1. To encourage access to pests

2. To provide a good perch for an optimal possum kill, which is standing on hind legs reaching its head into the trap with arms holding the tree.

Do the traps have a warranty?

Our traps have a one year warranty and we are committed to providing the lowest possible repairs for another year after that. Our traps are built to last with high grade stainless steel and interchangeable components and we think they will be servicable for many years to come.

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