NZ Autotrap's mission is to assist the people caring for New Zealand’s Flora and Fauna to reduce the predator population by providing innovative and efficient predator trapping systems.



AT220 Possum & Rat Trap

After completing field trials and fine tuning our design our AT220 possum trap is now commercial.

The features and benefits are -

  • Self-resetting Kill Traps
  • up to 100 cycles and 12 months between services ( bait refill and battery change )
  • improves labour efficiency
  • increases controllable land area
  • Auto Rebaiting
  • bait always fresh
  • bait always present
  • improves long term catch rate
  • It has been evaluated and meets animal welfare ( NAWAC)  guidelines.
  •  It catches Possums, Rats and Mice
  • no bait theft
  • no need for different traps for different species
  • Daylight Deactivation / Night time reactivation
  • Improved safety (less chance of children around at night)
  • Reduction in potential by-catch
  • Open Design
  • improves catch rate
  • further improves trap efficiency
  • Designed for NZ Conditions
  • Electronic components all epoxy poured or silicone shielded
  • Stainless steel trap construction
  • Data Logging and Communication
  • each cycle is counted and recorded – accessed by computer , soon to be mobile ap.
  • the AT220 is compatible with existing communications networks
  • Potential Reduction in Toxin use
  • Lure is non toxic
  • Covered by New Zealand Patent Application No. 731472


NZ AutoTraps currently has 2 other  traps under development based on the NZ AutoTraps self-resetting and rebaiting system

  • AT200 For rats , stoats and ferrets
  • This project is still in the development stage
  • Barnyard for Rats
  • This has been field trialled and is showing good results.

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How it began...

NZAT started with Kevin Bain recognizing the need for a self-resetting predator trap. There were many reasons for this but the main reasons were identified as:

• Improved trap performance compared with single set traps

  • Can only capture one pest
  • Are often seen false triggered or empty
  • Are often pest specific

• Increase the controlled area without the need for increased labour

  • Existing trap technologies require frequent re-setting and re-baiting so are labour intensive
  • Using Auto re-setting traps should increase the controllable area without the need for increased resources

• Reduce the reliance on toxins

• The need for reliable information on trap performance

After 12 months Kevin had developed his ideas to the point he was confident to show his prototypes at The National Agriculture Fieldays in June 2016. The interest was huge and the Pest Trap Reset Mechanism won both the Locus Research Innovation and the Tru-test Prototype Grassroots Awards.

NZ Autotraps in the media...

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TRAPPINGS OF SUCCESS  How one inventor turned an idea into a business...

Fieldays Focus June 2017

PESTS NO MATCH FOR INNOVATIVE TRAP  The next exciting step for a ground-breaking machine that won not one, but two innovation awards at National Fieldays 2016 is to begin manufacture.

What's next for NZ Autotraps...

 • Continue the roll out of the AT220 Possum Traps

  • Get NAWAC compliance for rats – Early 2019
  • Complete Mobile Ap development

• Commercialise the Barnyard for Rat version

• Further development work on the AT200 for rats and stoats

Testing our traps...

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